9 Indoor Activities for Hyperactive Kids

Being stuck inside can give any kid cabin fever. But kids who struggle with hyperactivity or impulsivity may seem to be literally bouncing off the walls. Here are nine indoor activities that can keep even the most active child entertained.

Scavenger hunt

Come up with a list of hard-to-find or hidden things in your house and give it to your child. Searching for the items can help keep both body and brain moving. Just be sure you match the quest with your child’s age and abilities. Here are some age-specific ideas:

Variation for preschoolers: Use pictures to show your child the things to try to find.

Variation for grade-schoolers: Write down a list of things for your child to look for, but leave some open-ended, such as “something you can draw with.”

Variation for tweens: Use riddles as clues. For example: Find something that gets wetter the more it dries. (A towel)

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