Aging & COVID-19: Vaccination, Mental and Physical Health, and Isolation

COVID-19 has changed older adult’s daily routines, the care and support they receive, and their ability to stay socially connected with others. Older adults are being challenged to spend more time alone and to forgo any physical contact with family members, friends and colleagues. All while dealing with the fear and anxiety of getting sick and potentially dying. Since the beginning of the pandemic the health impact of COVID-19 on older adults has been of great concern, especially those in long-term care facilities and congregate settings. As of February 11th, COVID-19 has claimed 166,403 lives in long-term care facilities, 36% of all reported COVID-19 cases in the United States.

This infographic explores aging during COVID-19, vaccine hesitancy in older adults and those who take care of them, the long term effects the pandemic will have on long-term care settings and how we address aging in the United States.

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