COVID-19 Homebound Vaccination Services

Homebound? Not able to leave home to get the Covid-19 Vaccine? Know someone like this?

If you are unable to leave home to get the Covid-19 vaccine, homebound vaccination services are available. If you know of someone or you need homebound vaccination services due to a medical or behavioral health condition or have a physical or intellectual disability preventing you from getting vaccinated in the community, or require special needs accessible transportation, homebound vaccination services may be right for you.

The Washington State Department of Health and many local health jurisdictions already have mobile vaccine teams out in the field providing homebound vaccination services to those otherwise unable to get it. These teams are working together to help connect residents across the state to available supports.

If you need homebound vaccination services or know of someone else who needs this service, there are several options to get help:

If you have questions about this service, please email: