Leadership and advocacy

Lived experience is a qualification that no amount of training or education can replace.  Advocacy and leadership from family members of children with complex medical issues is both needed and wanted by many groups at the local, state, and national level.

About Family Leadership

The Importance of the Family Voice
As a family member, it is important that your voice is heard at the table whenever anything having to do with
services for children with disabilities is being discussed.

Tips for Emerging Family Leaders
Many families bring leadership skills to the table because of their experiences at work, other service in the
community, or simply the skills and traits that they have developed through life experiences.

How People with Complex Health and Social Needs Can Become Advocates for Change
By Mia Matthews, President/Executive Director, CHANs Promise Foundation; 2019-2020 National Consumer Scholar through the National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs

Washington State Family Led Organizations

Washington Family Engagement
Fosters social transformation by supporting the development of multigenerational leaders from diverse backgrounds to become actively engaged in schools and communities in Washington State.

Washington State Community Connectors
WSCC seeks to continue representing and strengthening their family-led membership by providing opportunities to support and encourage collaboration efforts within the statewide network and with community and system partners.

Leadership Opportunities









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