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Newsletter #7 – September 2021

Family Back-Up as We Go Back-to-School

Whether a child is attending school in-person or learning remotely, there’s a new routine that follows summer break.  And this year, students may need extra help getting ready for the new school year, given that the past two school years have been unlike any others. Many children may be feeling nervous or anxious, and these feeling should be addressed.  Asking them about these feelings can help them sort them out.  Focusing on what is within the control of a child can redirect them from worrying about what cannot be controlled.

If a child is attending in-person school, there is a mask mandate for children, staff, and teachers, regardless of vaccination status.  The Department of Health requires everyone on a school bus to wear a face covering, with a few specific exemptions.    Depending on the circumstance, students many have never had to wear a mask before at school, so it’s a good idea to start getting them used to the idea before they are in school. Having them pick out a colorful or fun mask design on their may help them ease into this. But ensure that the mask or face covering is approved and fits well so that a child won’t feel they have to adjust this all day long. 

Creating new routines and schedules can be stressful for some children, but can result in the consistency that they crave during difficult times. Including them in creating their schedules can be very rewarding to a child. A morning checklist can be very helpful and help ease the morning stressors. It can be created as a list on a whiteboard, chalkboard, or computer to be printed out. For those of those interested in Pinterest, there are many fun examples and creative ideas that can be viewed. Some items to include on a check list are: getting dressed, brushing teeth, making lunch putting  homework in the backpack, and taking morning medicine and/or supplements.  Including a checklist and a new routine can help to create a smooth morning for everybody. After all, setting a child up for success is a great way to start the day. Keep in mind that new routines can often be stressful for a child, as well as a caregiver, so remember to practice patience and start creating that check list.

September 2021 Calendar

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WA State Father’s Network Webinar: Financial Strategies – September 7th

Preparing for Disaster Workshop – September 8th

Information Education Conversations – September 9th

NAMI Seattle Familia y Amigos Workshop – September 11th

Creating Connections: Special Education & Recovery Services – September 12th

WSCC Parent Weekend – September 17-19th

Padres Unidos del Candado de Pierce – September 24th

Olympic Peninsula Financial Aid Navigator Workshop – September 29-30th

Wheelie Awesome Parent and Family Group – September 30th

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