Youth Leadership

For youth who want to use their abilities to speak out for themselves and others, there are many leadership opportunities available.

Introduction to Leading

So you want to be a leader? That’s great! But what exactly is leadership? There are many definitions of leadership, and many different ways that youth can be leaders. A very simple definition of leadership might be: “The ability to use your skills and knowledge to change the way other people think or act.”

Youth Action Council on Transition (YouthACT)

A national initiative intended to get more youth with disabilities and their allies involved as leaders who partner with adults and organizations to improve opportunities for youth to succeed in life.

Youth in Action! – Serving on Decision-Making Boards

If you’re a young person who is active in your community, in an organization, or for a particular cause, you may have been asked to serve on a board. A board is a group of people who give advice, share expertise, and provide leadership to direct organizations in what they should and should not do. Boards can be connected to companies, nonprofit organizations, schools, community organizations, or government agencies.

Youth Leadership Oportunities

Key Essentials & Photovoice Training CADCA trainers are here for a two day youth training event. Youth will participate in 1 day of key essentials including utilizing the strategic prevention framework to build capacity and implement prevention strategies, and 1 day photovoice training which teaches community assessment and using photography as a means for social change. A photovoice competition is planned for 2022.

We are currently looking for facilitators for Ending the Silence. If you are interested, and especially if you are between the ages of 18 – 35, and in recovery, please contact SW WA NAMI